Living Space During Treatment

Being comfortable and safe are very important during treatment, and being away from crowds where you might get an infection are critical until we build up your immune system. Also, for people coming from out of country it is just more convenient to be some place where you don't have to worry about anything.

So, for patients who are reasonably stable and wish to take advantage of it, I sometimes open up my home for your stay. In this case you are transported here by the doctor, and he comes here for your treatment which puts minimum stress on you. We only have space for two patients and their support person, so it is on a first come first served basis.

We can even have technicians come to draw blood for your blood tests to track progress. The only need to go out would be for scans which you would be transported to and from by the doctor, and for HBOT for the patients who need it. A full set of everything we need to treat you is here, it is a fully equipped PDT clinic setting in the comfort of a private living space.

Of course if you prefer we can arrange a very nice hotel for a little over $50 a day, or even a private hospital suite for about the same price.

Below are pictures of my home.


cancer treatment lights holistic cancer treatment

The house is high in the mountains for pure air and has the best security in Cebu.


Open living space with plenty of light in a bright and cheery setting with kids playing out back.


cancer sensitizer

This is the first bedroom. it has aircon and a rest room just outside the door. One King size bed.


The second room is fitted with one queen size and one double size bed and aircon.



Tv viewing area, large flat screen TV with Satellite TV and about 8 movie channels pluse DVD.


A rest area for relaxing and talking about treatment and future plans.


cancer smoke

This is one view of the kitchen and one of the butane stoves. There is a microwave and blenders


Another kitchen view with the second butane stove and refrigerator.


200 watt cancer wide area cancer
The back patio is spacious and the shot of night time Cebu on the home page was taken here. It is a delightful place to sit and breathe. Daytime sitting outside is restricted due to sunlight during the time you have sensitizer in you. You can enjoy evenings sitting outside and of course nights. The most important feature of the home is Rose, she keeps the house cleaner than a hospital, always has a ready smile and takes care of you like only your mother would. Rose is not a chef, but she can cook most things and do shopping. She will also hand wash your clothes if you want.


WiFi is available for your use during your stay. I have the best WiFi available here, it is not the fastest in the world but good enough to stay in touch with your loved ones.
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