Surgery Promotes Cancer

This is something all surgeons will deny, but the latest research from Medline quotes reveal the truth.


Alternative Holistic Treatment for Lung Cancer Provides details on a few past holistic treatments of lung cancer with photo-dynamic therapy. Lung cancer responds well to photo-dynamic therapy, even when there are lung cancer mets in the bones, lung cancer mets in the brain and conventional medicine has completely given up on you, it is possible to recover completely from lung cancer with a more natural holistic protocol. Lung cancer requires several holistic adjuvants, four of which are only available from us. We always have good success with Lung cancer using our unique protocol. Our holistic treatment approach to lung cancer gives excellent results with essentially no side effects. There is no better lung cancer holistic treatment anywhere. Photodynamic therapy works best when there is an adequate supply of oxygen, so lung cancer responds very well to our holistic treatment. Some cancers are very low in oxygen, these are called anoxic cancers, and they do not respond well to NORMAL photodynamic therapy, but we have a special protocol which allows us to use photodynamic therapy in a holistic fashion, mixing special natural chemicals into the process which allows us to kill cancer even when there is NO oxygen present. Adding this to lung cancer holistic treatment makes it even more effective.

Treating Colon Cancer successfully Reports on past holistic colon cancer holistic treatments with Photo-dynamic Therapy. Colon cancer often goes to the inside wall of the abdomen, and in that case conventional treatment for colon cancer has already lost the battle, but a holistic treatment still holds hope for remission. Colon cancer also likes to go the the liver, and conventional treatment for liver mets is hopeless, that is when honest oncologists admit there is nothing they can do for you. We can treat liver mets with a harmless drink more effectively than conventional treatment, and our success rate with holistic colon cancer treatment is much higher than conventional treatment could even dream of. As with all cancer treatment, colon cancer requires a holistic approach for best success and best possibility of a cure. Colon cancer is not a death sentence, we have very good results with colon cancer.

Breast Cancer holistic treatments What to avoid in breast cancer pre-care, if at all possible. What is the role of photo-dynamic therapy in breast cancer? How to best detect breast cancer, which breast cancer detection programs are dangerous, which breast cancer detection systems are most reliable. Does a more natural holistic treatment for breast cancer work? What side effects are there for complementary breast cancer holistic treatment? Holistic approach to breast cancer involves treating the breast tissue with a photosensitizer, then illuminating the breast with very high power lasers and led's to kill the breast cancer, but to succeed in treating breast cancer the additional holistic treatment of stopping glycolysis, alkalizing the body, using the right nutrients to control the cancer and help the breast return to normal are all important aspects of breast cancer holistic treatment.

Prostate Cancer When to consider treating prostate cancer and what NOT to do. Do not trust PSA for prostate cancer staging, it is not a good indicator of prostate cancer. The best and safest test is manual palpation of the prostate. Prostate biopsies, like all biopsies, spread the disease very rapidly so if you have biopsies, in a short while you will have prostate cancer in your bones, then prostate cancer in your liver, then the prostate cancer spreads to the lungs. Fantastic rapid response of prostate cancer to photo-dynamic therapy is a very repeatable holistic approach.. Visit this link for a video from a patient who had prostate cancer for 16 years and tried all other alternatives to no avail, but his prostate was returned to normal four days after photo-dynamic therapy for prostate cancer. Reduction in the size of the prostate is very fast and permanent if the immune system takes over.

Pancreatic Cancer is difficult to beat, but not impossible. Statistically conventional treatment has essentially zero percent success, but some alternatives do okay. Pancreatic cancer treatment with chemotherapy does not improve survival time at all no matter what your oncologist tells you. If they offer chemo for pancreatic cancer, demand to see 3 scientific papers showing a survival improvement. What Alternative pancreatic cancer holistic treatments work, how they work and how much benefit is there to alternative pancreatic holistic treatment is discussed here. Pancreatic cancer is actually easy to control, but if it is advanced there is a high chance of internal bleeding which can be handled with hemostatin and K2. Pancreatic cancer is beatable with a holistic treatment program.

Photo-dynamic Therapy for Leukemia This link goes into detail on leukemia treated with a holistic approach and photo-dynamic therapy. Leukemia is one of those nasty cancers that attacks children and conventional leukemia treatments just cause suffering with little to no hope of long term survival. Holistic Alternative holistic treatment for leukemia increases the odds of success and brings real hope to leukemia patients. There are herbal compounds which we use to enhance the leukemia remission.  If you have a child, friend or loved one affected by leukemia, be aware conventional treatment destroys their ability to have a good life permanently by irreversible damage to the immune system, but leukemia can be stopped very rapidly by alternative holistic treatments which are far more natural. We can usually stop all forms of leukemia in just a few days, and our leukemia holistic treatment does not have any negative side effects. As with all cancers, to treat leukemia we use a holistic approach which includes diet, vitamins, minerals, very special custom medications, photodynamic therapy and some recently discovered combinations of nutrients and herbal extracts which bring it under control fast, with no suffering.

Osteosarcoma Osteosarcoma, like leukemia, is one of those nasty diseases that attacks our children and steals their childhood. Osteosarcoma does not respond to surgery, it is just a patch to buy time but it actually spreads the osteosarcoma. Chemotherapy does not work with osteosarcoma if it is even slightly advanced. Fortunately, osteosarcoma can be beaten with our protocol. We have lost osteosarcoma patients in the past, but in the process we learned several things that give us a better chance of beating it now than ever before.

Liver Cancer Some liver cancer actually originates in the liver, that is the primary site. Most liver cancer is metastatic cancer, originating in other parts of the body. In either case, alternative holistic treatment is far safer for liver cancer, because the liver specializes in removing toxins from the body, and nothing is more toxic than chemotherapy. Liver cancer can be treated with alternative holistic treatments including activating the immune system against it by killing the primary site, and we can also treat it with stunningly effective alternative holistic treatments using safe medications that you drink, with no side effects. This is another disease where nanoparticles are crucial, and we have the best nanomolecules in the world for treating liver cancer. About as effective as the most powerful chemo, but with NO side effects at all!

Brain cancer  Primary brain cancer originates in the brain like the super deadly glioblastoma, but many brain tumors are metastatic having come from lung cancer or prostate cancer or breast cancer. Essentially any cancer can migrate to the brain. The metastatic brain tumors can be killed with natural cancer holistic treatment just like the primary brain tumors. Glioblastoma is another thing altogether, far more difficult to kill type of brain cancer but we can manage it using some very special medications only we have. Even years ago we were able to triple the survival time of brain cancer patients with a high quality of life, and with our new adjuvants we are seeing brain cancer results better than ever before.

Ovarian Cancer With conventional treatment survival with stage 3 and 4 is virtually nothing at five years, at ten years it is even less. Unfortunately, most patients undergo conventional treatment before they find out it didn't work, then they come to us, so by the time we get them their immune system is already damaged, all but destroyed, and the chemo has accelerated the cancer growth rate. Even so, we can save a good percentage of stage 3 and even stage four.

Angiosarcoma Angiosarcoma is a very lethal type of cancer with a short survival time, but we have cured it in the past and we presently have far better tools than we did then. We have only treated one case of angiosarcoma, but we got complete long lasting cure which nobody else has ever done.

Cancer holistic treatment options A quick overview of the main theories about cancer holistic treatments with diet, vitamins, antioxidants and many others. Which cancer options work the best, what to avoid, which are completely worthless, which options can actually kill you! There are many options for holistic treatment, in my opinion the totally natural ones are of very limited value unless incorporated into a full holistic cancer treatment, but should be a starting point and natural techniques should dominate the protocol. Having said that, without photo-dynamic therapy the chances of success are greatly reduced.

Cancer Therapy General observations on cancer holistic treatment success. We go into detail on this page about how to sort out which type of photo-dynamic therapy has the best chance of success, and we discuss the sensitizers used in photo-dynamic therapy. The sensitizer is 90% of the battle, and we clearly have the best sensitizer for holistic cancer therapy.

Cure Cancer Is it even possible to cure cancer? How do we define a cancer cure? The FDA comes down hard on anyone that even uses the words cure and cancer in the same paragraph, but that is because conventional cancer treatment does not cure cancer, in fact it propagates cancer and makes it worse. A cancer cure can only be achieved by activating the immune system, and then the immune system not only cures the cancer but keeps it from coming back.

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